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48% of news readers on social media can not recall the article source

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Expose your logo on your images every time a reader shares your article - just like The Guardian

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15% more shares

Articles with branded images get up to 15% more total shares per article.
Quality brands in media industry act as click baits in itself

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How it works

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We provide one line of code (API) which needs to be copy & pasted into your websites' source code - Literally 5min of work. After that, our system takes your images automatically and overlays them with your uploaded template every time someone shares your page on social media.

Caution: you will need a developer to implement in your website!

why Pictura


We do NOT affect your page load speed


Enterprise grade infrastructure handling high traffic


5 min to implement - start using it tomorrow

Next steps - Check list


Ask designer to make a template

We use facebook's recommended - 1200x630 px, png file format, transparent template. Here is an example.


Ask developer to implement

Send website to your developer. We have a complete step-by-step guide how to implement easily.


Approve budget

Get approval for the budget. Here is our pricing.