Pricing plans

Based on number of pages per month
Our pricing model is based on how many pages you have per given month. E.g. if you have static website with 1000 pages then you should choose a 19eur/month plan. If your page is dynamic and every month you create about 1000 new pages, then you should choose the same plan. Plans are also limited to number of domains/subdomains you can setup. For very complex solutions with multiple domains and thousands of pages, contact us

Annual Plans

Annual subscriptions have 15% discount. We bill for 12 months subscription.

Pages per month1

Domains/ subdomains2

Enterprise support

Up to 500  
19 eur/mo
Up to 1.000
45 eur/mo
Up to 3.500
115 eur/mo
Up to 10.000

1 - When someone shares your link on social media we get a request from Facebook or Linkedin. Since it is hard to know how many shares will get, we count only unique pages rather than requests. So if your page has 2000 pages you should choose a plan accordingly
2 - Example of domain:; subdomain:; Nested: In order to serve different templates for each path, you need to register them and tailor accordingly. Each plan, however has a limit of how many domains/subdomains/nested urls you can register.